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October Business Spotlight - Parabellum Martial Arts & Strengths



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Parking Information for the Route 66 H&F Festival


Good Morning!  Here is a map detailing where to go for parking for this years Route 66 Hogs & Frogs Festival.  Areas shaded in Red are for vehicle parking while those shaded in orange are set aside specifically for motorcycles.  Green is reserved for VIP attendees that are driving vehicles with areas shaded in Blue for handicap.

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Route 66 Hogs & Frogs Events


It's coming folks!  The 1st ever Route 66 Hogs & Frogs Festival.  We've got so much jam-packed into three fun filled days!!  Here are the events and the links to get signed up!  

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World Food Championships are Coming to Waynesville, Missouri!


This is YOUR chance to learn (and taste) how food dishes are judged at the world's Ultimate Food Fight, the World Food Championships, prepared by Food Champs at Drachenfutter on Historic Route 66!

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On Wednesday, August 3rd, from approximatley 9:00am - 11:00am, the water Department will be repairing a water main leak. this will cause a brief ater outage on the following streets:

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Toth & Associates to Begin GIS Mapping of City Infrastructure


Starting Wednesday, the City's engineering firm, Toth and Associates, Inc., will be sending out teams throughout the City to start GIS mapping certain features of our utility infrastructure. these features include manholes, utility poles, utility service meters, etc. This is just one step in many that is being taken in order to help Waynesville become a "Smart City". It is our goal to implement a system that will allow us to monitor our utility and other vital services in real time. GIS Mapping is the first step in that process.

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50th Anniversary of the Roubidoux Park - Celebration Schedule


Come join us Saturday as we celebrate 50 years of the Roubidoux Park!  Don't forget to bring your donation for the Park's Time Capsule!

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Time Capsule Arrives at City Hall


The staff at City Hall are super excited about the arrival of the City's time capsule to be dedicated at the 50th Anniversary of the Roubidoux Park.  The only thing it needs now are your memories and messages for the future.

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