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The City Administrator's Office serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the City of Waynesville.  The Office is responsible for the day to day operations of the City and its personnel.  The Office serves as support for both the Mayor and City City by providing leadership, direction, policy implementation and compliance of City procedures, regulations and ordinance.  

It is the responsbility of the Office of the City Administrator to provide the Mayor and City Council a yearly, balanced budget that includes future financial planning and objectives for the City's growth.  



John Doyle - The current City Administrator for the City of Waynesville is John Doyle.  Mr. Doyle began working with the City as far back as 2010 by providing quality engineering services on a variety of tasks and projects through his engineering firm JM-DC Engineering.  After years of dedicated service, Mr. Doyle was appointed the the City's Official Engineer in 2016.  Mr. Doyle's reputation for hard work and attention to detail made him an obvious choice for promotion to Assistant City Administrator in 2019.  He was then appointed City Administrator in 2020 upon the retirement of long-time administrator Bruce Harrill.  Working with City staff for several years prior to his appointment made for a seamless transition as Mr. Doyle brings a fresh outlook and an intense energy to keep moving Waynesville forward.

Mr. Doyle's most notable accomplishements since taking on the role of City Administrator was to review 


the City's current contracts and renegotiate or update, if needed.  This review brought the City into the 21st century by updating some contracts that were over 25 years old and in turn, saved the City several hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

His implementation of the Subdivision Improvement Program also spurred development in The Summit, adding close to 300 new homes to the City, with more potentially on the way.  The growth can be seen in the City's utility departments, as well, as all new construction will be serviced by City utilities. 

Mr. Doyle was instrumental in creating the City's first ever Economic Development Coordinator's position.  Mr. Doug Potts, a seasoned developer from the St. Louis area, came to the team in late 2021 and since then has cultivated an environment of support and growth for the businesses in Waynesville.  

These are but a few of the programs and positive changes Mr. Doyle has created at the City.   Be sure to check back often for more updates.