City Clerk

Licensing & Permits - Council Information - Public Records Request - Municipal Code - Elections


The City Clerk's Office serves as a general information center for the public and handles the following items for the City:

Licenses and Permits

Whether you are looking to start your business or renew your current license, the City Clerk's office can help you with any permitting needs you may have.

     Business License and Permitting Information


City Council Agenda and Meeting Information

Looking for details about upcoming Council meetings?  Here is a great place to start.  The City Clerk is responsible for maintaining all meeting information and minutes of the City Council.  You can check out past meeting minutes and information with the link below.

     City Council Meeting Minutes and Agenda Information


Public Records Request

You can find out more information on Open Records requests, along with the lastest request form.

     Open Records Request


Municipal Code & City Ordinances

The City's Municipal Code book is in the process of codification and will be available online shortly.   Recently passed legislation can be found on the New Legislation page.

     City Ordinances

     New Legislation


Municipal Elections

Municipal Elections are held yearly and any citizen who has been a resident of Waynesville for two-years is encouraged to declare their candidacy for a Ward seat.  

    Municipal Election Information