Net Metering

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What is "Net Metering"? 

A net meter can measure electricity flowing to the utility from a customer’s renewable energy system on sunny days, when a customer is producing more energy than they are using. It can also reverse its direction to measure the amount of electricity used by the customer that is supplied by the utility. At the end of the month, the customer is billed for the difference or the ‘net’ amount of electricity used over the month’s time.

The value of the excess electricity generated by the solar energy system and delivered to Waynesville Utilities will be credited to the customer’s account. The credit is based on the "avoided fuel cost," defined by the PSC as, “the incremental costs to the electric utility of electric energy, but for the purchase from the customer-generator, the utility would generate itself or purchase from another source."

Waynesville Utilities should be consulted before installing a renewable energy system that a customer wants to use for net metering. It is important to make sure that the system will meet the net metering guidelines established by the City. Contact Waynesville Utilities by e-mail  or phone 573.774.5217 with any questions. 


Net Metering Application

Once you have completed all of your research and are ready to move forward, your first step is to complete the net metering application below:




Once your application is approved, you can begin construction of your system as long as it meets the requirements in the application.  For additional information regarding the installation and construction of your Customer-Generator System, please consult your application or reach out to our Utility Department.


Additional Resources


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