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Nestled along the beautiful Roubidoux River, the Roubidoux StrEATery is more than your typical food court, it's a Foodie Destination!

With eight (8) hookups to electric and water, the StrEATery brings the comforts of home to our area Food Trucks.  We also have gray water disposal on site!  




Here at the City, our main goal is to provide a safe and convenient place for both Food Trucks and customers to enjoy some of the best eats in the region.  In order to meet that goal, here are a few rules that Food Trucks and customers should adhere too.


Rules & Regulations

Most importantly, Food Trucks that wish to operate in the Roubidoux StrEATery must have a City of Waynesville business license or a Special Event temporary permit.   For more information on business licenses, check out the licensing page here.   Food Trucks with a City business license do not pay vendor fees at City sanctioned events!

The StrEATery has electric and water hookups available at seven spots.  There is also gray water disposal located on site so all of your utility needs are met.  

Here are some of the display and operational standards that are currently in place:

1.     FT's are only permitted in the space they have rented.

2.     FT's shall display in a prominent area of the City's premises without the City's prior written consent.

3.     FT's shall provide a trash receptacle with a self-closing lid near the front of the vending counter.  FT's are responsible for keeping the area in front of their unit clean of all trash and for washing and disinfecting any eating areas by their stand to prevent rodent/pest infestation or illness.

4.     City trash receptacles located within Roubidoux Park may be utilized for end of day trash.  Cooking oil/grease must not be disposed in City trash receptacles.

5.     Please be considerate of other vendors, the City and customers.

6.     FT's must have all property removed by the end of their scheduled rental time or by the end of the special event.

More information can be found regarding the city ordinance for food trucks in the City's Municipal Code


Fee Schedule

We've made the fee schedule for the StrEATery as flexible as we can.  

Daily rate:  $15.00

Weekend Rate:  $40.00 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Weekly Rate:  $100.00 (Seven Days)

The rental rates are used to cover the cost of the utilities used during your rental period.  To rent a spot today, just contact City Hall at 573.774.6171.


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