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How your Council Works for you

The City Council is comprised of eight members, two elected officials from each of the four (4) Wards of the City.  Each Councilman serves a two-year term and elections are staggered to ensure there is always a seasoned experienced official representing their constituents.  A Councilman may not act as a single authority, but must work together as a voice of eight to meet citizen concerns.  This is accomplished by governing fairly, with the will of the people at the forefront.  Some of the key functions of your City Council are:

  • Reviews, recommends and approves legislation 
  • Reviews and approves the yearly budget
  • Mitigates citizen concerns and complaints
  • Represents the City to other municipalities and organizations
  • Is the appeal authority for all actions within the City

The City Council meets every third Thursday of the month at 5:30pm to discuss City business and enact laws and legislation to govern the City.  The City Council represents the citizenry and you are encouraged as citizens, to reach out to the representatives of your Ward in regards to conflicts and/or suggestions for improvements.

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Council Meeting Minutes and Information

Trying to catch up with the latest news?  You can access past meeting minutes and information here.

A list of recently passed legislation is available under the New Legislation section.