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Mayor Wilson is a retired Army Veteran who has served as a city council member since April 2019. 

Mayor Wilson began his service with the City of Waynesville as a Park Board member in June 2016, where he served for almost two years before being appointed as the Park Board President in 2018.  He served as president for a year before being elected as councilman for Ward III.

Mayor Wilson was selected by the Council in 2022 to serve as Mayor Pro Tem and in 2023, was elected by a majority vote of the Council to serve as Mayor.

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Proclamation Requests

A proclamation is an official announcement issued by the Mayor to recognize a day, week or month that will have a major citywide impact. The goal of a proclamation is to honor, celebrate or create awareness of an event, special occasion, cause or significant issue. They should generally be related to a community benefit or organization or City of Waynesville operations.

Guidelines for Proclamation Requests

The City receives many requests to present both new and annually recurring proclamations each and every month. As such, formal presentation of proclamations at City Council meetings is limited and the following guidelines have been established by the Mayor's office to ensure all requests can be appropriately considered and reviewed in advance.

  • All proclamations must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the preferred issue date to allow for the approval process and production of the document itself.
  • Proclamations are not automatically renewed each year:
    • Proclamations that may occur every year must be requested annually;
    • If the request is for a repeat of a previous proclamation, a copy of that document should be included with the request.
  • The Mayor's office reserves the right to approve or decline the production of a proclamation request and to edit any drafted material for final wording.
  • Each proclamation request must come from a Waynesville resident and/or organization. This includes requests from national, international, or out-of-state organizations - in such instances, a local chapter or office should be associated with the request.

Proclamation Content

  • Personal proclamations for individuals or businesses will not be placed on a Council agenda, but may be requested.
    • If approved, proclamations will be mailed to the individual who requested it.   
    • These proclamations may be read at an event or provided to the recipient.
  • Proclamations should reflect inclusiveness, not exclusiveness, and recognize that the strength of our democracy is our diversity. It must not take sides in matters of political, ideological or religious controversy or individual convictions.
  • Proclamations must have a citywide significance and demonstrate relevancy to Waynesville.


Please email your completed forms to

​Presentation at Council Meetings

Requests for proclamations will be reviewed by City Staff and the Mayor, after which the City will provide notification of how the proclamation will be presented. If a formal presentation at a City Council meeting is available, the expectation is there will be at least one representative on hand to receive the proclamation from the Mayor, and that representative will make brief comments. Council meets on the third Thursday of each month at 5:30PM, except on recognized holidays.

Instructions for accepting proclamations and recognition at a City Council meeting:

  1. Proclamations and recognitions are presented at the beginning of the meeting. It is advised that you arrive a few minutes before the start time of the meeting.
  2. If you or anyone in your party has mobility issues, please let the Mayor’s Office know beforehand so we can have staff deliver the proclamation or recognition to you during the meeting. A hand-held microphone can be made available.
  3. The Mayor will begin by reading all or a portion of the proclamation/recognition. At that time, you may come forward and accept the proclamation, then say a few words. You may bring others with you.
  4. Please identify yourself and anyone else with you by name and your organization and title. You may make brief comments (about 3-5 minutes).
  5. After accepting the proclamation or recognition, you may be seated or feel free to leave the meeting.

If a formal presentation at a City Council meeting is not available, the proclamation will be mailed to the requester. However, a representative is welcome to attend any City Council or Committee Meeting to make comments about a proclamation.

If you have any questions, please contact City Clerk Michele Brown at 573-774-6171 or

Special Presentations

The City Council appreciates the opportunity to hear updates from citizen groups or agencies affiliated with the City to report on recent or upcoming community events and activities. The City Council meets monthly on the third Thursdays. The Council does not meet on federally recognized holidays that fall on the regularly scheduled meetings.

Requests to make City Council presentations should be submitted at least four weeks prior to the preferred Council Meeting date. City Staff and the Mayor will review these requests and City Staff will notify the applicant if time is available on the requested meeting date. If such time is not available, the applicant is welcome to speak during any regularly scheduled Citizen Comments portion of regular City Council Meetings to provide a brief report to the Council.

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