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Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem elected at March City Council Meeting


At Thursday night’s meeting of the Waynesville City Council, Mayor Pro Tem and Ward III Councilman Sean A. Wilson was elected by a majority vote of his peers to serve as Mayor for the one-year unexpired term left after the impeachment of Dr. Jerry Brown. 


Mayor Wilson brings a fresh new outlook, a hard work ethic, and a gentle hand to the City, something it has been lacking for the last couple of years.  “I am both honored and humbled at the opportunity to serve the city in the capacity of Mayor. I will continue to go forth and fulfill my responsibilities to this community and make things better by creating and cultivating relationships with our community partners. Our team in the city has done great things even during the distractions of the impeachment, and I want to contribute to that effort as we advance.”

One of the first duties he performed as Mayor was to fill the empty seats on Waynesville’s Park Board, Planning & Zoning Commission, and the Board of Adjustments.  The Waynesville Planning & Zoning Commission had been without a full commission for almost two years, which had made it tough to do business.  Many times meetings had to be canceled for lack of a quorum. “It almost feels like Christmas being fully staffed again,” stated City Clerk Michele Brown.

Mayor Wilson’s short-term goals for the immediate future include:

  • Improve communication with the community and transparency by live streaming all public meetings.
  • Creating a culture of Servant Leadership.
  • Investing in our volunteers who are investing in our city through training.
  • Cultivating relationships with our community partners.
  • Establishing and opening lines of communication through agenda-driven town hall meetings with the citizens and business owners.
  • Create solutions to address abandoned properties and clean up the city.

You can contact Mayor Wilson by email at mayor@waynesvillemo.org.


Also voted upon Thursday night was Mayor Pro Tem.  Councilman Clarence Liberty was elected to serve in the vacated seat left by Mayor Wilson.  This is the second time Councilman Liberty has served as Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Waynesville and he brings with him experience and a commitment to see Mayor Wilson’s goals come to fruition.   

Mayor Pro Tem Liberty has served the City of Waynesville in some form or fashion for the last 25 years.  Most of those years was spent as a Police Officer for the Waynesville Police Department where he retired as Assistant Chief in 2016.  Since then he has rededicated himself in serving the citizens he protected for so many years while on patrol.  Mayor Pro Tem Liberty has been a Councilman for Ward II for almost six years.  "I'm looking forward to getting the City back on track.  We have a lot of good ideas, good staff and a great Council.  I'm very thankful to have the team that we do." 

You can contact Mayor Pro Tem Liberty by email at councilman.liberty@waynesvillemo.org.