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Missouri Department Of Conservation and the Kiwanis Club Presents: Kid's Fishing Day


Due to the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020, several yearly events were cancelled leaving the banks of the Roubidoux quiet and somber.  Those times are changing however, and for the good.  Events are coming back and they are encouraging folks to put down their phones and enjoy the outdoors again.


Missouri Conservation Agent Aaron Pondrum was just one agent of many who gathered at the edge of the Roubidoux to celebrate children with disabilities by hosting Kid's Fishing Day, along with the Kiwanis Club, at the Accessible Pad in Laughlin Park.  


Middle and High School students grabbed their fishing rods and started casting, all of them hoping to catch a fish, some for the first time.


Others made their way to the beautiful roubidoux Spring where the cool, deep waters shone with the reflection of happy faces.  The morning's festivities ended with a Fish Fry courtesy of volunteers who stood by to clean and cook the day's catch.