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Trash, recycling & yard waste
Trash Pick-Up
Trash service is provided by Zeigenbein Sanitation under contract with the City. 
Regular household trash pick up is every Thursday. Residential solid waste shall be stored in containers of not more than two 35 gallon or one 96 gallon in nominal capacity. Containers need to be at the end of your driveway by 6:30 A.M. on Thursday. Containers shall be leak proof, waterproof, and fitted with a fly-tight lid and shall be properly covered at all times except when depositing waste therein or removing the contents therein. The containers shall have handles, bails or other lifting devices or features.

Recycling Dates and Guidance

Beginning September 1, 2016, recyclable trash will be picked up every Thursday for East Waynesville (east of H HWY) and every Friday for west Waynesville. See the Calendar for specific dates. 

How to separate recyclables:

1) Paper - Office paper, newspaper, packing paper, and magazines.

2) Cardboard - Corrugated cardboard and paper board: cardboard in small quantities must be put in these bags or flattened out and bound with string. If you have large quantities of cardboard you will have to make other arrangements for pick up.

3) Plastic - Type 1 (PETE) and Type 2 (HDPE) opaque and colored plastic will be accepted. Type 3 through 7 will NOT be accepted for recycling. Labels do not have to be removed. Check containers for the recycling symbol which are usually found on the bottom of containers.

4) Cans - Tin cans and aluminum cans. Aluminum and tin cans must be separated.

5) Glass - Glass will NO longer be accepted for recycling.


Pitch in and be part of a Sustainable Future. The Communities of Waynesville and St. Robert are partnering to make recycling convenient. Let's reduce the flow of reusable products going into the landfills and promote for a better tomorrow.                                                                                                   

   Click here for WHAT, WHEN, & ITEMS TO RECYCLE

For more information contact Waynesville Utilities (573) 774-5217, Zeigenbein Sanitation (573) 336-4848, or St. Robert Transfer & Recycling Center (573) 336-5155.

Yard Waste - What to do with it
The City has a lawn and leaf dump. The dump is available free of charge for disposing of yard waste only. The lawn and leaf dump is located on F Hwy. The key to the dump may be picked up at the Waynesville Police Department or the Sheriffs Office.

The City of Waynesville, Missouri, is located in Pulaski County, Missouri, and is home to Fort Leonard Wood.  Historic Route 66 winds its way through downtown Waynesville, and the area near the Roubidoux Spring in Waynesville's Laughlin Park was used as a Cherokee encampment during the 1837-1839 Trail of Tears march.