Municipal Center
(573) 774-6171

(573) 774-2414

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Phone Numbers:

Waynesville Municipal Center / City Hall (573)  774-6171
Waynesville City Utilities (573)  774-5217
Waynesville Municipal Court (573)  774-6158
Animal Shelter (573)  774-6509
Waynesville Police Department (573)  774-2414
Waynesville Building Department (573)  774-6009
Waynesville Fire Dept (573)  774-5449
Pulaski County Sheriff's Dept (573)  774-6196
Pulaski County Collector (573)  774-4711
Pulaski County Circuit Court (573)  774-4755
U.S. Post Office (573)  774-6752
Dept of Motor Vehicles (573)  774-8400
Driver's Testing (573)  451-2000 ext 1134


Burn Permits  Burning is permissible within the City limits with a “Burn Permit”, call the Waynesville Fire Department at (573) 774-5449.


Tax Information  Taxes are now done by Pulaski County Collector and can be reached at (573) 774-4711.



Business Licenses  Contact City Hall for information on business licenses. To apply see attached form.



Annual Water Quality Report  See attached for more information.


Utility Rates
Details on rates for various utilities offered by the City can be obtained by contacting the Waynesville City Utility Department at (573) 774-5217.

PAYMENTS TO BE MADE IN FULL.  All bills for electrical energy and water services furnished by the City (and such other charges as may be included on such bills) shall be payable in full and partial payment shall not be accepted by the City.

DELINQUENT BILLS.  All bills for electrical energy, natural gas and water services furnished by the City shall be paid by the 15th day of the month next succeeding the month in which meter-reading period ended, and if not so paid by the date then the same shall become delinquent and such bills shall be automatically increased by 10%. If the bill, including the said automatic increase, be not paid by the 151 day of the next succeeding month then the City may discontinue furnishing electrical energy and water services to that customer. A written notice stating that the customer's services are about to be discontinued shall be mailed to the customer at least 2 days prior to such disconnection; provided, however, that the failure of the City to mail, or the failure of the customer to receive, this note shall not affect the City's right to discontinue such services.

A SERVICE FEE of $25.00 will be charged to reconnect. Effective January 1, 2003, if a utility customer is turned off two or more times for non-payment of a utility bill, the customer's service will not be turned back on until the past due and current bills are paid plus the service fee. Note: Payments put into drop box after 3 p.m. will be next day's business and penalties may apply.



The City of Waynesville, Missouri, is located in Pulaski County, Missouri, and is home to Fort Leonard Wood.  Historic Route 66 winds its way through downtown Waynesville, and the area near the Roubidoux Spring in Waynesville's Laughlin Park was used as a Cherokee encampment during the 1837-1839 Trail of Tears march.