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Waynesville Downtown Business Association!



The purpose of the Waynesville Downtown Business Association(WDBA) is to improve the appearance of the downtown Waynesville Square, while preserving its historical nature. The goals of the committee include restoration, historic preservation, economic development, increasing tourism and City pride, improving retail opportunities, improving ambience, removing blight, encouraging private investment, bringing sidewalks and lighting to current codes.

The WDBA grew out of the Downtown Beautification Committee, which was appointed by Mayor Cliff Hammock in April, 2003. The DBC completed several downtown projects including the Waynesville Families' Memorial Bench Program, the installation of a town square clock, and the building of two flowerbeds, located at the Benton Street Corner and the Waynesville Welcome sign. The Committee supported the designation of Route 66 as a Scenic Byway, encouraged the revival of the Missouri Conservation Department's Roubidoux Corridor Plan, and obtained certification of the Laughlin Park as a stop on the National Historic Trail.

The WDBA began several beautification projects in 2004. Application was made in May, 2005 for a Downtown Revitalization grant offered through the Community Block Development Grant program of the State of Missouri's Department of Economic Development. With $160,000 of capital improvements pledged by downtown businesses, the request was made for matching funds to replace sidewalks and install period lighting around the square. Final figures showed a 82% participation by the 44 downtown area businesses. On the square proper, 22 of the 24 businesses participated. Interviews showed the top three concerns of downtown business people were:

1. Parking 2. Blighted Appearance and Neglect 3. Vacant Buildings and Lots

In October of 2005, the City received notification they were awarded the Community Development Block Grant in the amount of $157,200. The grant year will be February 24, 2006 to February 24, 2007. Capital improvements were made within that year and the grant program was a success. In 2013 a MODOT Enhancement Grant is taking the decorative lighting to and across the Roubidoux Bridge, adding lighting on our walking trail and building a exhibit site to commemorate The Trail of Tears encampment in the Laughlin Park.


In 2012 the WDBA was reorganized with over 20 charter members. Bylaws were passed and a board of directors was elected; Tim Berrier owner of Lone Oak Printing was elected chairman. The WDBA sponsors four festivals throughout the year: St. Pat's Fest, Freedom Fest, Oktober Fest and Christmas on the Square. They work to improve the appearance of the square and encourage participation in "neighborhood" activities.

In 2010 The City of Waynesville was chosen as a "DREAM" Community,(Downtown Revitalization & Economic Assistance) for Missouri and began a strategic plan for the downtown square.

The WDBA group has adopted the "Main Street America" approach for the improvement of the downtown square. These goals include: Design, Organization, Promotion and Marketing, and Economic Revitalization.

In April, 2004, the Waynesville City Council voted to support the following plan:


Phase One:

Facelift of the Downtown Square Proper (excluding the Courthouse) and Rt. 66
Sidewalks with paving stones, using color
Vintage lighting, with banner and/or flag capability
Installation of flag standards in the sidewalk in front of each business
Paving stones and/or planters placed in MoDOT traffic island
A water tank for use by the Parks Department for maintenance of landscaping
Lighting of the Roubidoux Bridge

Phase Two:

Facelift of Route 66 from the Benton St. traffic lights to the Roubidoux Bridge and downtown off streets (North Street to Talbot House and City Hall, Lynn Street to the Old Waynesville Middle School, Benton Street to the Baptist Church)

Vintage Lighting to match the Square (MODOT Cooperation)
Greenery and/or paving stones in the sidewalks to the bridge (MODOT Cooperation)
A town clock placed on the Square (Private Funding)
Trash receptacles to match memorial benches (Private Funding)

Phase Three:

Improve existing municipal parking lots; curbing, paving, striping, lighting, trash receptacles
Partner with County Commission for facelift of Courthouse Square
Acquire additional parking lots

Phase Four:

Storm water drainage system behind Southside businesses
Matching facades or awnings on buildings




The City of Waynesville, Missouri, is located in Pulaski County, Missouri, and is home to Fort Leonard Wood.  Historic Route 66 winds its way through downtown Waynesville, and the area near the Roubidoux Spring in Waynesville's Laughlin Park was used as a Cherokee encampment during the 1837-1839 Trail of Tears march.