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The City of Waynesville recently purchased the CodeRED Emergency Notification System (known as "CodeRED") to alert citizens in the case of an emergency or urgent notification.  The CodeRED system is geographically based and allows the City to alert citizens based on their location with a pre-recorded message about the specific situation and if any action is necessary.

What is CodeRED?

CodeRED is a voice messaging notification system that the City of Waynesville will use to keep you safe in the event of an emergency.  CodeRED will alert residents about local criminal activity, homeland security issues, weather emergencies, missing children or adults, evacuation orders, and other situations that require immediate dissemination of crucial information.   

The CodeRED system can deliver recorded emergency messages to City residents via phone call to your landline or mobile device and through text and email.

You will know you have received a CodeRED alert when the number 866-419-5000 appears on your caller ID.   The CodeRED dialing system attempts each telephone number up to 3 times and will leave a message on your answering machine, if you have one!  If you missed any message details, you can always dial the toll-free number back, as many times as needed.

Multiple phone numbers (i.e., cell phones and out-of-county/state phone numbers), unlisted numbers, mobile numbers, text, email, and TDD/TTY requirements can also be entered as long as you use your local address for each. 


The City of Waynesville has licensed CodeRED.  It will only be used for emergency situations to keep you informed.  Citizens must enroll to receive alerts!  It's free and simple to sign up for, and your contact information remains private and will only be used for community notifications.  It's very important to do, because if your contact information is not in the database, then you will not receive alerts if an emergency were in our area.

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There is also an app called CodeRED Mobile Alert that you can download onto your smartphone for free from iTunes or Google Play.

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The City of Waynesville, Missouri, is located in Pulaski County, Missouri, and is home to Fort Leonard Wood.  Historic Route 66 winds its way through downtown Waynesville, and the area near the Roubidoux Spring in Waynesville's Laughlin Park was used as a Cherokee encampment during the 1837-1839 Trail of Tears march.